Validation Study

Starting April 2017

Stanford Healthcare Hand & Upper Limb Clinic

Stanford Healthcare Validation Study

Robert A. Chase Hand & Upper Limb Center

Luminate's Orthopedic Patient Education Validation Study is set to launch at Stanford Healthcare's Orthopedic Clinics in April 2017. Partnering with some of the leading Doctors in the US, Luminate has created a suite of 3 conditions containing condition overview, treatment and recovery information. Doctors assign the content to the patient based on their recommend treatment course, and it is delivered in the clinic and at home on the device the patient wants to use. The conditions being evaluated for this study are Carpal Tunnel, Cubital Tunnel and Trigger Finger.

This study is measuring the impact of Luminate's technology at the enterprise level on clinical efficiency, reduced staff time for education, growth potential (number of patients seen), patient experience/engagement and outcome improvement. The study will last four months.

Launches April 2017