Orthopedic Patient Education Suite

The Future of Patient Education

Customized content, delivered.

Our Orthopedic Suite contains 28 of the most treated orthopedic conditions as well as the most commonly followed treatment paths. From first visit through surgery and rehab, we provide your patients with customized content packages on the devices they want. Luminate's patient education improves clinical efficiency/growth, patient experience/engagement and outcomes.

Learn what Luminate can do for you today.

Product Info

The Value

The Institution

• Reduced consultation time

• Reduced human error

• Reduce print cost

• Drive/Track engagement

• Lower readmission, higher satisfaction

The Doctor

• Reduced education time means more patients seen

• Improved clinical efficiency

• Improved doctor satisfaction

The Patient

• Improved understanding

• Content on preferred device

• Better adherence to post care plan means improved outcomes

• Improved patient satisfaction