The Future of Patient Education

Our Mission

We are driven to bring game changing learning technology to healthcare. We strive to improve population health and patient outcomes.

The Team

Ian Bork


Ian has a wealth of startup experience and know how. He started working in medical education technology in 2008 and has a deep understanding of the market. He has sold visualization and medical software into previously untapped markets and he has successfully taken products from planning to launch.

"Working on truly innovative and impactful technology drives me. I'm continually in awe of my colleagues' creative vision and thoughtful curation."

Jim Terhorst


Jim has been in the role of Developer, Lead Developer, Technical Director, and Manager for digital media and Enterprise Application development projects for 15 years, with a focus on mobile platforms for the last 6 years. He is enthusiastic and energetic about delivering quality Enterprise Applications on mobile and other platforms.

"Building a manageable and scalable content delivery system is essential for the patient education of the future. We are building it today."

Sarah Hegmann


Sarah has a Masters of Science in Biomedical Visualization from University of Illinois, Chicago. She started working at Stanford in 2010 as a medical artist in the School of Medicine. She brings unparalleled technical skills and is thought of as one of - if not the best - medical animators in North America.

"I shifted my path away from medical school when I discovered the immense beauty and power of combining art, science and technology. Now, instead of helping individual people as a doctor, we are revolutionizing the way the entire medical industry communicates, thereby helping entire populations."


Dennis Boyle

Co-Founder of IDEO

Assistant Professor, Design Division, Stanford Mechanical Engineering School

Dr. Amy Ladd

Chief, Robert A. Chase Hand & Upper Limb Center

Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

Assistant Dean, Medical Advising


Dr. Kaveh Mansuripur - Fellow, Hand Center at Stanford

Dr. Tyler Johnston - Stanford Orthopedic Resident

Dr. Pat Youngblood - Stanford Medicine

Stanford Hand and Upper Limb Orthopedic Clinic